What are your challenges?

  • Launching a new product?
  • Innovating stale campaigns/processes?
  • Generate excitement and social sharing?
  • Increase foot traffic and ROI on advertising?
  • Boosting performance?
  • Improve customer retention and repeat sales?
  • Building awareness through social channels?
  • Improving conversion rates?
  • Motivating and educating your team or informing investors?

What we deliver: the Palpable Difference

  • Deconstruct the current campaign: define weaknesses

  • Define a strategy to improve the current situation over the near, medium and long-term.
  • Identify the right tech to address your challenges
  • Prepare a roadmap to success
  • Select ideal partners, negotiate terms and execute the strategy
  • Socialize and mobilize your customer / client/ investor/ employee base